xPOD Kintex


Continuing the Versachip xPOD series, the Kintex-7 module broadens the range of designs to include more complex and higher performance FPGA-based solutions. Taking advantage of the Kintex-7 technology, this module complements the xPOD Spartan with more than double the speed and capacity. Also on board is larger 32 bit wide DDR3 memory, more non-volatile memory, clock, power regulation, and with 124 GPIO available through an SODIMM interface.

The xPOD Kintex shortens product time to market by using the same click in modules for proof of concept, prototype, and production.





XPD105-01 (K70T-2) 1-9 $500
XPD105-01 (K70T -2) 10-99 $450
XPD105-01 (K70T -2) >=100 contact us
Other configurations Any contact us