xPOD Spartan


As the flagship product by Versachip, the xPOD module enables custom FPGA-based solutions to be rapidly developed on a solid, reliable, and versatile platform that reduces risk while ensuring a cost-sensitive transition path ready for the latest FPGA technologies. 

Consisting of a Spartan-6 class FPGA, DDR2 memory, non-volatile memory, clock, power regulation, and with 123 GPIO (60 differential pairs) available through an SODIMM interface, the xPOD module transitions your product from prototype to production system in a snap of the xPOD module. Because there is no change in hardware from prototype to production, the xPOD greatly reduces integration time and enables you to confidently deliver on your deadlines.




Product brief

High level overview of the xPOD Spartan

User guide

This document provides detailed information about the xPOD Spartan interfaces


Spartan 6 documentation


Memory documentation


XPD104-01 (LX45) 1 - 9 $190
XPD104-01 (LX45) 10 - 99 $170
XPD104-01 (LX45) >= 100 contact us
XPD104-02 (LX25), XPD104-03 (LX9) Any contact us