About Us

Versachip (est. 2008) is a design / engineering consulting company with focused proficiency in FPGA, SoC, and embedded systems development, schematic entry, and layout.

Versachip promotes best engineering methodologies driven by competence and dedication to achieve robust and reusable results while on an aggressive schedule and competitive pricing.

Versachip has extensive experience in imaging, video, and high bandwidth data acquisition - transfer - processing using FPGAs and SoCs.


Video, video processing, imaging, overlay, scaling, rotation.
Industrial applications, high speed DACs/ADCs, high bandwidth data transfer and processing.
IP development.
Proof of concept and rapid prototyping.
FPGA RTL development, timing coverage and timing closure.
Existing FPGA, RTL design cleanup and optimization.
Design for reuse and reliability.
Product development: from a fast prototype to a turnkey solution.
Embedded development: microcontrollers and soft core processors, System-On-Chip.

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